Arch is one of Leicester’s premier letting and property management companies. With plenty of experience so we can help and advise in 99% of cases. We have a serious passion for property – regardless of whether we are letting, selling, maintaining or developing – and it is this holistic understanding of the residential property market that makes us so special. We have a personal commitment to delivering market-leading ideas that achieve real results. No matter what aspect of your investment or portfolio requires input or assistance, our approachable style and friendly personas will ensure that your dealings with us are as enjoyable as they are impressive.

Our reputation for the exceptional management and letting of residential properties in the city centre and South Leicester is built on a clear ability to handle each and every rental with energy and determination. We are results-driven and are committed to providing a level of service and insight that is second to none. As leaders in the provision of quality rental accommodation in Leicester, we understand the needs of our landlords and offer everything from comprehensive property management solutions to a simple 'tenant find' service.

Become a Landlord / Buy to Let

Investing in rental property can be a reliable medium to long-term investment strategy, providing monthly rental income and the potential for capital growth. In today's market, where house prices are in gradual flux, choosing the right property is essential – our experienced teams can advise you on this as necessary. Prospective landlords should be aware that the cost of borrowing, rental performance and capital value of investment properties can all fluctuate – it is our aim to guide you through the process of property letting and management in a highly professional and efficient manner to ensure that risk is minimised and return is maximised.

Landlord Support Services

Our team is passionate about residential property and can advise prospective or existing landlords on the range of services we offer. If you are a first-time investor, an established portfolio-holder, a corporate landlord or are considering letting your own property, we have the skills and experience to help you through the letting process and ensure that a suitable tenant is found for your property.

Property Management for Landlords in Leicester

We run professional sector lettings from high street locations in Leicester. Your property will be advertised at the relevant office for its appropriate target market and location. Marketing will include advertising on our website and via interactive screens at our offices as well as inclusion in relevant property publications and on property search web portals. Behind our customer-facing marketing is a strategy dedicated to ensuring prominence online – this includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a High quality long and short term Social /digital media Marketing Strategy. By virtue of having a centralised property database, website users are able to view exactly the same accommodation details that are available to branch visitors – indeed, with real-time updates as and when new properties are instructed or existing stock becomes available, we create worldwide exposure 24/7.

New Landlord Lettings and Property Management

Arch will visit your property to carry out an appraisal of suitability for the rental market and likely monthly rental value. We will discuss what adjustments, if any, are necessary to the property in order to ensure it meets accepted letting standards and your aspiration in terms of income. At first contact, one of our team will provide full information on the range of services available and discuss the best options for your circumstances. Services include:

Rent Valuation & advice

Marketing of properties

Finding Tenants

Rent Collection

Property Inspections

Maintenance & cleaning

Pre-Let Services

Arch will assist you in the preparation of your property for the rental market, considering everything from relevant insurance policies and provision of utilities to the actual presentation including décor and furnishings. The sooner we are involved, the better we can advise you – our objective being to let the property for the maximum rent in the minimum timeframe.

A number of essential considerations must be made before a property can be offered to the rental market – again, we can advise on these accordingly:

Pre-tenancy cleaning

Fire and furnishing checks


Portable appliance testing

Electrical safety reports

Gas safety certificate*

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)*

Landlord's Checklist

Consent: Ensure your mortgage lender or lease agreement allows the property to be let or sub-let.
Insurance: As a landlord, buildings, contents and public liability insurance cover is always advisable.
Mail: Don’t forget to redirect your mail if you have previously lived in the property.
Accountant: It may prove helpful to hire an accountant or tax consultant to advise on how to achieve maximum benefit from your investment.
Terms of the Tenancy: Arch will provide tenants with an approved Assured Short hold Tenancy agreement.
Inventory: A full inventory of items in the property and schedule of overall condition will help with any issues relating to damage or loss at the end of the tenancy.
Fire Regulations: All contents of the property must meet the latest fire regulations.
Property File: The tenant will need information relating to the use of any appliances and central heating/hot water systems. We recommend photocopies of the manufacturers' instruction manuals to be left at the property.
Keys: Please ensure that you have enough sets of keys for each tenant in the property. As a minimum, Arch require three sets to include one set that we keep for management purposes (i.e. to grant access for contractors/staff etc). Remember to keep a set for yourself!
Money: If we are instructed to solely find a tenant, ensure that all advance payments have cleared before handing over the keys.
Gas Safety Check: We will make sure all gas appliances are checked and provide a valid record of these checks to the tenant. Arch will need certified confirmation of the checks (or make necessary arrangements) before we can let your property.
Electrical Check: Make sure all wiring and electrical appliances are safe. Arch will need certified confirmation of the checks (or make necessary arrangements) before we can let your property.
Energy Performance Certificate: This is a legal requirement when letting residential property – Arch will need certified confirmation of a valid EPC (or make necessary arrangements to obtain one) before we can let your property.
Cleaning: The property should be cleaned to a professional standard prior to the tenancy start.
Gardens: If applicable, ensure any outside space is clean and tidy prior to the tenancy start.
Smoke Alarms: Ensure all smoke alarms in the property are in full working order prior to the tenancy start.
Utilities: Settle all outstanding payments and arrange for the transfer of all utility bills into the tenant’s name.
Council Tax: Arrange for the transfer of Council Tax into the tenant's name.
Telephone: All properties need a working telephone line. Ensure this has been arranged prior to the tenancy start.

Legal Position

In 1988, the Government introduced The Housing Act – the main aim being to attract landlords back to the private sector. The Act created two types of tenancies: an Assured and an Assured Short hold. The Assured Short hold is the most popular as it guarantees the landlords right of possession, unlike the Assured Tenancy where possession is subject to certain criteria. The Housing Act (1996) amended the 1988 legislation, making all tenancies that meet the requirements of the 1988 Housing Act 'Assured Short hold Tenancies'.